Dad walks away unhurt after his plane crashes

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A Chorley pilot escaped unhurt after his light aircraft crash landed and came to a stop upside down at a farm airstrip.

Father-of-two Allen Worthington, of Sagar Street, Eccleston, had been approaching the runway at Cockerham when there was a ‘freak’ gust of wind.

An official crash report into the incident said that his 2010 Skyranger Swift plane nosed over on to its back after sliding down grass at the Tarn Farm airstrip.

Luckily, the 58-year-old and a friend he had been flying with managed to walkaway unhurt, but the accident caused £4,000 of damage to the plane.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch report said the aircraft had made a normal approach to the runway, but as the pilot was about to touch down there was a strong gust of wind.

It added: “As the aircraft was about to touch down, a gust of considerable force from an easterly direction lifted the right wing, causing the nosewheel and left mainwheel to contact the surface of the runway heavily.

“The nose landing gear collapsed and folded under, causing the aircraft nose to slide along the grass surface.

“The aircraft gradually slowed and, as it was about to stop, the nose dug in and the aircraft slowly nosed over onto its back and came to rest inverted.

“The pilot selected the fuel and electrical systems off and both occupants were exited the aircraft through the normal doors without difficulty.”

The report into the accident in April said the plane had been out on several ‘uneventful’ flights earlier that day.

It added: “The pilot assessed the cause of the accident as a sudden gust of wind, of considerable strength from the right, immediately before touchdown when the aircraft was at a very low height.

“The lifting of the right wing was sudden and the pilot was unable to correct the roll before the wheels struck the runway. Had there been more height, the pilot stated that he would have been able to correct the roll.”