Damage caused to campaign signs

A Lindsay Hoyle sign that had UKIP spray painted on it.
A Lindsay Hoyle sign that had UKIP spray painted on it.
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Vandals have gone on a rampage causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage to election posters in Chorley.

The incidents, which happened in Charnock Richard over the weekend and last night, saw campaign posters and signs for Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle graffitied and ripped down.

One poster had ‘UKIP’ spray painted over Mr Hoyle’s face.

Yobs have also stolen the wood that helps erect the signs and the damage is estimated to be worth £500.

Mr Hoyle, who was Chorley’s MP before Parliament dissolved, said: “Wood has been stolen and several signs have been ripped down and graffitied, it’s completely unnecessary damage, if people want to protest then do it through the ballot box.”

The incidents in Charnock Richard follow two attacks on a UKIP campaign store in Chorley town centre on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vandals smashed windows and daubed offensive graffiti on the building and the footpath outside the door.

UKIP’s prospective parliamentary for Chorley Mark Smith condemned the vandalism in Charnock Richard and Chorley.

He said: “It’s mindless vandals, we’ve had a friendly and civil campaign in Chorley and there hasn’t been any animosity between the other candidates.

“It’s a nasty side of politics that I don’t want to see, it’s completely unnecessary and I condemn the attacks.”

The other candidates battling it out for the MP’s seat in Chorley are:

Rob Loughenbury - Conservative

Alistair Straw - Green

Adrian Maudsley - Independent

Stephen Fenn - Liberal Democrat