Damage caused to River Yarrow sewage pipes

The struck sewage pipe on the River Yarrow
The struck sewage pipe on the River Yarrow
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A sewage pipe that runs over a Chorley river was shattered when heavy winds sent a tree crashing into it.

A temporary plastic pipe was put in place until a more stable inflatable pipe is inserted.

A spokesman from United Utilities said: “ The high winds caused a large tree to strike a pipe bridge over the River Yarrow. This concrete bridge supports a cast iron sewer pipe.

“The tree struck the pipe, shattering a section of it. The bridge remains intact.

“Our engineers installed a length of plastic pipe, to replace the damaged section.

“This temporary fix is containing the sewer flows, preventing them from escaping into the river.

“We are now in the process of inserting an ‘inflatable’ pipe within the original cast iron pipe, along the whole length of the bridge.

“This will provide a strong inner lining.

“Although still a temporary solution, this will provide more robust support, until we can make a permanent replacement of the pipe.

“We have been liaising with the Environment Agency throughout the process.”

Treasurer of Friends of the River Yarrow, John Twinn, said: “It is almost an act of God when these things happen.

“I am pleased United Utilities are being expedient in getting the work done.

“For the River Yarrow to get polluted, when it is is in such a good state, would be tragic.

“It would be a waste of all the good work that has gone into it.

“We do have meetings with United Utilities and they are reasonably good with things like this.

“Members from the area will keep us informed about the situation.”