Daughter jailed for robbing mum

Susan Price, jailed for robbing her own mother
Susan Price, jailed for robbing her own mother
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A drunken daughter has been jailed for two years after robbing her frail mother in her own home.

Susan Price, 49, told her mother she was “taking her inheritance now” as she robbed the fragile pensioner of cash to buy more booze.

Price, of Collingwood Road, Chorley, squeezed her elderly mother’s hands so hard she brought tears to her eyes after she refused to give her £10.

Preston Crown Court heard 85-year-old Mary Price was sitting in a chair in her back room when her alcoholic daughter demanded the cash. The court heard Mrs Price, who uses a ventilator to breathe, usually kept her purse hidden from her daughter. But on February 15 it was on the table by her side, close to her breathing apparatus.

Price, who the court heard has a long standing addiction to alcohol, asked her mother for money to buy more drink.

But when the fragile pensioner refused, Price grabbed both her hands and squeezed them tightly. Recorder Mark Ainsworth, sentencing, said: “She said again you couldn’t have any money, that she couldn’t afford it.

“You said to her ‘Of course you can. I’m taking my inheritance now.’ You took £10, and with the words ‘I can give you the change’, you went off to the shop to buy more drink.”

The following day Mrs Price had a visit from her nephew, who saw the elderly woman had bruising to her hands.

He contacted the police and Price was charged with robbery.In a statement Mrs Price spoke of the worry and anxiety of living with a daughter with alcohol problems.

However she said she wanted her daughter home as soon as possible. Judge Ainsworth said when Price spoke to the author of a pre sentence report, sober, she showed a “remarkable lack of empathy or sympathy” for her mother.

However she pleaded guilty to the offence.