‘Davro’s jokes were not funny!’

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Parents from Chorley and Leyland have complained after comedian Bobby Davro simulated sex in a giant kangaroo suit while on stage in Preston.

Embarrassed parents said Davro, who was playing the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz at Preston’s Charter Theatre, made lewd motions in front of children as young as five.

He also made continual references to Chinese people eating dogs and pulled stereotypical ‘Chinaman’ faces.

Guild Hall bosses and the production company behind the show were forced to apologise for Davro, 52, after angry parents complained.

Grandmother Annabelle Fleming, 67, from Leyland, who took her five-year-old granddaughter Jane to Thursday’s show, said: “I was furious. I think he thought it was a pub audience.”

Another parent said Davro pulled up his trouser leg and demanded that one lady in the audience ‘kiss his leg better’.

She said he then made a lewd joke as he offered sweets to co-star, Steph Fearon, saying: “That lady over there has already had my Nut Cluster.”

Mother-of-one Rachel Ralphson, 36, from Euxton, took her nine-year-old daughter Maddy to see the show.

She said: “It was a bit wrong really. The kangaroo bit was a bit much. But it was the Chinese dog-eating jokes that were really bad.

“He didn’t just do it once and also he was doing Chinese impressions but really putting it on.”

In a statement, the Guild Hall said: “The Guild Hall and Charter Theatre would like to apologise to any patrons who may have been offended by the content of The Wizard Of Oz performances on Thursday April 14. Any complaints will be dealt with accordingly and in due course.”

Parents also complained the touring show used none of the original Wizard of Oz songs - which was due to copyright issues - and not enough was done to make audiences aware that children would not hear much loved classics like Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

A spokesman for Davro said: “New World Productions strive to produce top quality family entertainment that is suitable for all ages. We try to pitch our shows so that there is something for everyone. This obviously does not suit all tastes and we can only apologies if on this occasion it offended the few.

“All Bobby’s routines are his material and have been performed in various pantomimes over the years.”