Desperate plea to get mum’s jewellery back

Salma Jones
Salma Jones

A Chorley woman who mistakenly sold her family heirlooms for £2 at a car boot sale has made a desperate appeal for their return.

Salma Jones said she is heartbroken after realising that precious jewellery belonging to her late mother had been in the pocket of a purple coat she sold at Elaine’s Car Boot at Botany Bay.

The 53-year-old bundled the coat into her car at the last minute but forgot to check the pockets.

Inside was a necklace and earrings that had been left to her by her mother, Aisha, who died from an heart attack when Salma was only young.

She has now made an impassioned plea for the buyer to return them.

She said: “I had a big clear out and went to do the car boot with my daughter Sammi.

“We had got everything ready, but then at the last minute I took the coat out of my wardrobe and bundled it in with everything else.

“I feel stupid. I should have checked the pockets, but it was all done in a rush and I just didn’t think.”

Salma said the purple, three-quarter length coat, from Tesco, sold for just £2.

She added: “I’d hidden a small jewellery box inside the pocket as I thought it’d be safe if we were ever burgled.

“It contained a gold necklace made out of small gold beads with a large gold bead on the end, and had earrings to match.

“It is very yellow as it is traditional Indian jewellery.

“My grandfather had been a goldsmith and he gave it to my mother. I inherited it when she died.

“It is traditional to pass the jewellery down through generations and I was looking forward to one day giving it to my own daughter.

“It is priceless to me as I was given it after my mother died suddenly.”

Salma is offering a reward for its safe return.

She added: “I have contacted Elaine and she’s been very helpful, but the person might not have even checked the pockets as it’s a winter coat.

“They might not even know it’s there.”

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