‘Desperate pleas’ for help are seen after work is highlighted

Carol Halton with donations of food at Living Waters Storehouse
Carol Halton with donations of food at Living Waters Storehouse

More and more people are seeking help from Chorley’s food bank after a special feature in the Guardian.

Last week, we reported that demand for food parcels from Living Waters Storehouse had increased tenfold since it opened two years ago.

Between 120 and 130 people are now referred to the centre each month to receive a food parcel, which will last for four days.

As a result of the article, more people have contacted the Storehouse, based at Living Waters Church on Bolton Street, to ask for food.

Carol Halton, project co-ordinator, said: “From that article, we have had more people ringing up asking how they can access food.

“We have had more referrals in as well from agencies.

“It’s going to help more people now, because they didn’t realise we were here before.

“People have been asking what they can do because they have nothing to feed their children tomorrow. There have been desperate pleas.”

The Storehouse has also seen an increase in the number of food donations it receives, many from first-time donors.

And there has been a rise in the amount of cash given to the food bank, with one generous person giving £100.

The money is used to provide a hot meal when people arrive at the food bank and to buy any extra food needed for parcels.

Carol said: “We have had about £300 in donations. Someone went on Facebook and donated £100. He has never done it before, but it must have come from the article.

“We have had more people coming in with donations of food who we have not seen before on a Tuesday and Friday.

“It really has been good. So many people have seen the article.”

Donations can be made at Living Waters Church between 10am and 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Money can also be given online at www.facebook.com/LWStorehouse.