Devastated couple’s maggot plague fury

Maggot infestation at a property on Windsor Drive, Brinscall
Maggot infestation at a property on Windsor Drive, Brinscall

A couple were horrified when they returned home from holiday to disocover their house infested by maggots.

Shocked Paul and Janet Chaplin, of Windsor Drive, Brinscall, say they felt let down by the council when they rang the authority for help.

Janet said: “The drive and the side of my house, as well as the road outside the house, was a river of maggots.

“We bought bleach and tried to kill the maggots,

“I went in the conservatory to find maggots in there. I was devastated to say the least. We never slept that night.

“I, as well as my husband and two children and the family dog, had to stay in the house overnightand awake to the same amount of maggots again next morning.

“I went and bought some more bleach and disinfectant, gloves and cloths, to try and clean the maggots from my home and to try and kill the maggots on the drive.

“I contacted Chorley Council at 9am to ask could they come and clean the infestation up.

“I was told no they couldn’t, but someone may call to see me, or call me back. I waited a further two hours – no one called me back.

“I contacted the council once more to be told to wait till three o’clock and call back if no one had called to see me or call with some advice.

“My husband then called to be told nobody was coming to see us as nothing could be done.

“My husband has now dug the patio up and cleaned the outside of the house all day to kill the infestation.

“The amount of maggots we have found must have been in the hundreds.

“We called pest control to be told they don’t deal with maggot infestation.

“We are appalled by the way we have been treated and can’t believe this is the way the environmental unit treat people that are desperate and have no place to turn.”

Coun Paul Walmsley, who looks after environmental issues for Chorley Council, said: “We have every sympathy for Mr and Mrs Chaplin, and it must have been extremely unpleasant for them when this happened.

“It’s possible that it was caused by the torrential rain we’d had, causing drains and sewers to overfill.

“There was no specific source of the maggots identified so we are limited in any specific help we can provide.

“However, we were able to offer some practical advice about cleaning up the