Disabled man, 66, scares off vandals

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A disabled pensioner from Chorley has relived the moment he thought burglars were going to break into his house as he slept.

The 66-year-old man, who does not want to be named because of fear they may return, is wheelchair-bound after both his legs were removed five years ago because of circulation problems. He lives off Eaves Lane.

He recalls what he described as ‘one of the scariest moments of his life’ on August 31 at 2.40am when a brick came through his bathroom window which is situated at the back of his bungalow.

Now, he faces a bill of £71 to replace the broken window and also getting a washbasin which was also smashed.

He said: “You don’t expect something like this to happen especially so late at night.

“My first thought was about them trying to come into the house because you don’t know what they will do.

“I haven’t got anything worth stealing so I wasn’t bothered from that point of view but they could have done anything to me.

“I shouted and they ran off which gave me enough time to call the police.

“They arrived very quickly with some police dogs and helped me with my concerns.

“It was scary not knowing what was going to happen but I think that my voice scared them off,” he joked.

The defiant pensioner added that his house was up for sale but he was not being forced out of his property after the incident.

He said: “I have been trying to get into sheltered accommodation for a couple of years but unfortunately the market was not right.

“I feel quite safe in my home and don’t let things like this putting me off living my life.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “We did have reports of an attempted burglary on August 31.

“A detached bungalow was approached while the occupant was sleeping.

“The offenders went to the back of the property after knocking on the front windows to see if anyone was inside.

“They threw a brick through a window but were disturbed by the owner and ran off from the scene.

“Anyone with information about this incident should contact Lancashire Constabulary on 0845 1253545.”