‘Does someone have to die before road is made safe?’

Written off: The car after the crash, below, Eileen Halsall
Written off: The car after the crash, below, Eileen Halsall
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A pensioner slammed a decision to reject calls for road safety measures at an accident blackspot.

Eileen Halsall, 76, of Harrison Road, Chorley, last month had her car written off whilst she was sleeping.

Eileen Halsall

Eileen Halsall

The incident happened on the junction of Harrison Road, Brindle Street and Gloucester Road and it was the second of three accidents which took place in the same area in three weeks.

Lancashire County Council visited the smash scene and repainted the lines, but Mrs Halsall made further calls and believed stop signs should be installed. Despite the requests, the council has said it is unable to install stop signs.

Mrs Halsall said: “It seems they are waiting for someone to get killed then they will have to do something.

“We had three accidents in three weeks and everybody is talking about it.

“I got on the bus and people said what a bad junction it is - it just isn’t good enough.”

Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said: “We looked into the accident record at this junction and found that there was not enough detail about the two most recent incidents recorded by the police to determine their cause.

“Traffic regulations mean we can only provide stop signs where visibility is exceptionally restricted and use of the stop sign requires specific permission from the Secretary of State for each location.

“The visibility at this junction is not such that we could recommend and apply to the Secretary of State for the use of stop sign at this junction.

“We will be monitoring the parking at and near the junction and if any improvements are found to be needed we will introduce them in the near future.”