Dog at ban woman's house

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A dog has been pictured inside the home of a Chorley woman who was banned from keeping animals just one month ago.

Arlene Ashcroft was handed a lifetime ban in June after the RSPCA reported that animals in her care were living in 'absolutely shocking conditions'.

Mrs Ashcroft, whose cruelty first came to light in 2007, pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of nine of her dogs and causing unnecessary suffering to two.

Guardian reporter Natalie Banks saw a large dog inside Mrs Ashcroft's home, in Pennine Avenue, after neighbours complained to police about barking.

Mrs Ashcroft said: "The dog belongs to my son and my ex-husband and they are free to keep it at the house if they want. I have been in hospital with high blood pressure so I have not lodged an appeal ((against the ban) but once I am better I will. I love dogs and I have had dogs all of my life - I have rescued dogs and horses in the past. "

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