Dog owner relives attack ordeal

David Sharples with Missy who was involved in a dog on dog attack
David Sharples with Missy who was involved in a dog on dog attack
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‘Missy is lucky to be alive.’

That is the view of a stricken dog owners who risked his life to save his pet.

The incident took place near Duke Street playing fields in Chorley at around midnight on May 19.

David Sharples was taking the route that he tends to take every night.

However, it turned into a nightmare when a Rottweiller-type dog was off its lead and was walking towards him.

He said: “All I could see was Missy’s head in its mouth and it would not let go.

“I tried to pull the dog away then I fell over with the force but could not stop it.

“In the end adrenalin just took over and then I put my hands in it’s mouth and luckily it opened.

“We managed to get the dog away.

“There was a pool of blood from around her neck so I just lifted her up and ran off to the main road on Pall Mall.

“Luckily, there was a police officer driving passed and they stopped.

“I managed to get Missy to the vets and the dog warden from Chorley Council also came out too.”

Apart from fears for the safety of his dog Mr Sharples has now a vet bill of more than £300 to pay - for something that could have been prevented.

He said: “Those dogs should not be allowed off their leads.

“I do not want to think about what could have happened if it had been an elderly person walking their dog and it got attacked.

“Even worse it could have been someone with a child and it might have been even worse.

“The frustrating thing is that I think the owner was a women with a toddler who was out walking at the time.

“I do not know why they were both out so late at night and leaving the dog off the lead was terrible.”

Missy is now recovering after her ordeal and Mr Sharples says he will not take that route again.

He said: “I think that I will be walking elsewhere especially in the dark.

“Missy means everything to me and I have owned her for about eight years and before that she was homeless.

“It was terrible to see her moaning on the floor after what happenend.”

Coun Terry Brown, who is responsible for animal welfare at Chorley Council, said: “We have investigated the attack but at the moment we have been unable to identify the offender.

“If anyone did see the attack or has any information I’d urge them to come forward and contact the council.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “We can confirm that we attended the incident but believe the local authority are looking into it.”