Double standards of security guard?

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Drivers in Chorley were issued with warnings about their parking - from a man who left his own car on double yellow lines.

The security worker, who has been accused of double standards, was caught on camera by the Guardian when he visited the former tax office in Water Street.

He ignored the parking restrictions and pulled on to the pavement before sticking yellow warning signs on more than 10 cars that had been left outside the empty building.

He was then overheard calling in the clampers and when the Guardian approached him he refused to comment, but pointed to a sign that warned drivers they could be fined more than £100.

However, former landlord Nick Hogan came to the rescue when he contacted the company to complain.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the man was issuing warning tickets when he was braking parking laws himself by being on double yellow lines.

“There is a sign warning people not to park there, but it’s not clear as it is hidden in a window behind some panels.

“People have been parking there since the tax office closed and they are not doing anyone any harm.

“I also believe the sign may have been taken from my own car park and it didn’t seem fair that they could be clamped so I rang the security company and complained.

“I explained the situation and they were very understanding.

“They agreed not to clamp anyone so I’m glad I intervened.”

Mr Hogan, who represents UKIP, said he believed clamping signs should be more clearly advertised.

He added: “The sign was behind a window and you can’t even read it properly - there is no way you would have seen it unless you were really looking for it.

“People get caught out all the time and it’s not right - especially when the people who are enforcing the notices are breaking the laws themselves.”

Despite numerous attempts, MSA were unavailable for comment.