Dozens of birds killed by ‘sick’ attacker at sanctuary

Killing: The wings of one of the birds
Killing: The wings of one of the birds
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Fundraising is now underway to help pay for a CCTV system at rescue centre

A total of 150 birds have been killed in a series of attacks at a sanctuary.

Lewis Russell, who runs Bird Rescue Lancashire in Mawdesley, says the birds have been found dead in the past 18 months.

That includes 120 birds killed since September.

He believes the birds have been killed deliberately by someone going onto the site off Hall Lane.

The birds killed include one-day-old chicks and ducklings, hens, ducks, ornamental ducks, geese, cockerels and bantams.

The last bird killed was a goose called Grey, whose wings were broken off but whose body has not been found.

Lewis, who lives in Eccleston, said: “No fox or mink or other predator could have done that. A human being has done that.

“It’s what we believe to be a statement killing.

“That’s very sick, but it’s also very worrying that there is someone walking around willing to do this.”

The sanctuary was vandalised in April last year, before 30 birds were killed that July.

It was initially assumed that another animal had killed them, but experts believed someone attacked the birds and a dog was used to cover up the brutal injuries.

Since September, 120 birds have been killed in a series of incidents.

There are now just 25 birds left at the sanctuary, which is a not-for-profit organisation and takes in animals that are ill, injured or unwanted.

Lewis has been inundated with support, with donations coming in from around the UK and as far away as Texas, USA.

He now hopes to raise thousands of pounds so that a CCTV system can be installed and repairs can be carried out.

There are also plans to set up a committee for the sanctuary, which would look at fund-raising, security and other issues.

The incidents have been reported to the police.

Lewis said: “We have worked hard to make it a nice place for these birds and all we want is to carry on with what we are doing.”

The sanctuary is now accepting donations via Pay Pal.

To donate, send to with the reference “bird rescue”.