Drivers urged to slow down after crashes

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Residents are calling for action to slow down drivers on a busy road after two cars overturned in four days.

People living near Moss Lane, in Whittle-le-Woods fear future accidents could prove fatal if something is not done.

They are calling on Lancashire County Council to introduce road safety measures or reduce the 30mph speed limit to 20mph.

It comes after two cars overturned on Moss Lane within a few days last week.

On Saturday, October 19, a Peugeot 106 landed on its roof at 9am and partially blocked the road.

Last Tuesday, October 22, a Volkswagen Golf landed on its side at 2.50pm, above right.

In both incidents, the drivers escaped unhurt.

Residents say there were two similar incidents over summer and another last year.

It is not known what caused the crashes, but people in the area are worried motorists are driving too fast.

They are concerned about the safety of pedestrians, especially children, and drivers coming out of nearby cul-de-sac Springside Gardens.

Stewart Hamer, 43, of Springside Gardens, said: “There’s been two accidents in four days and we are all concerned. It’s for our safety and our children’s safety. Something needs to be done.

“In the morning and at teatime, with people rushing to and from work, the amount of traffic is unbelievable.

“It’s hard to get out of Springside Gardens because of the speed of the traffic on Moss Lane.”

A Moss Lane resident who asked not to be named said: “It’s a rat-run between the A6 and A674. They speed down. There are signs saying it’s a 30mph road but I don’t think they are big enough.

“There are 10 children between the ages of six and 15 that live on the cul-de-sac. Is it going to take a fatality before they do something? It’s going to happen sooner or later.

“I’m amazed there hasn’t been a fatality already.”

Coun Marie Gray, who represents Pennine ward on Chorley Council, said concerns about road safety were raised when planning permission was first given for Springside Gardens to be built.

She is supporting the residents and has contacted county council officers over road safety measures.

She believes the speed limit should fall to 20mph or rumble strips be put on the road.

Coun Gray said: “The residents are concerned because with these accidents happening, the potential is there for a vehicle to end up in their gardens or hit a child.

“We think drivers are speeding. It should be 20mph. Lancashire County Council has put 20mph speed limits in lots of residential areas.”

Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said he would look at whether something needed to be done to slow cars on Moss Lane.

He said: “We have arranged for traffic speed counts to be carried out at each approach to the junction with Springside Gardens.

“Once we obtain accident and speed reports we will be in a position to look at whether further action is needed.”