Drug den danger to our children

Peter Firth at land off Moor Road, Chorley, which has now been cleared
Peter Firth at land off Moor Road, Chorley, which has now been cleared
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An angry father-of-two is demanding action over land at the rear of his home which he says is being used by drug users and firebugs.

Peter Firth, of Moor Road, Chorley, says he cannot let his two young children play there because of the dangers of left behind used syringes and dumped rubbish.

Mr Firth said the latest incident was a blaze at garages on the former allotment land - owned by Persimmon Homes.

He said: “This land is just a grot spot. What I’m concerned about is I’ve got two kids aged nine and six.”

Mr Firth, an outdoor instructor, added: “As long as I’ve lived here, nine years, nothing has ever been done.”

Ward councillor Steve Holgate said: “We are aware there are some grot spots in the area and all the local councillors, Councillor Gee, myself and Councillor Lees are on the case and are confident something will be achieved in the next six to twelve months.”

Coun Terry Brown, who oversees neighbourhoods in Chorley for the council, said: “We are aware there have been problems on this site and we are currently looking to see what can be done and to find a way forward to resolve the issues there. In the meantime we are looking at what we can do to get it tidied up.”

Mark Cook, MD of Persimmon Homes Lancashire, said: “Persimmon owns a number of parcels of land at various stages in the planning lifecycle and we endeavour to ensure all sites are appropriately fenced off. We have been made aware that there have been issues at a site in Chorley and ask that anyone with information about anti-social behaviour report it to the appropriate authorities so that it can be dealt with swiftly and correctly.

“There are no immediate plans to develop this site. However, that status is subject to regular review. Concerns about the future of any site can be addressed to Persimmon Homes Lancashire at our Lancaster headquarters and we will keep the local community informed of plans.”