Drugs and underage drinkers face blitz

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Chorley’s new police chief has said tackling anti-social behaviour, drugs and house burglaries will be among his top priorities.

Insp David Robinson has taken on role as Inspector for Chorley after a review of the management structure in Southern Division.

The move is aimed at working towards the £43.75m of savings needed over the next four years and has seen the number of geographic inspectors reduced from six to three.

Insp Robinson admitted it was a challenging time but reassured the people of Chorley borough that they’d get the best police service possible.

He said: “It’s about providing the best service for the whole of Chorley borough. The town centre is very different to some of the villages.

“Anti-social behaviour affects people, especially the most vulnerable members of society, and dealing with that is high on my agenda.

“Acquisitive crime, such as dwelling burglaries, is another thing I’ll be focusing on.

“Metal theft, including stealing lead from buildings, is also very important.

“Taking lead worth a couple of hundred pounds to the individual can cost thousands of pounds to replace for the owner and can even cause businesses to close.

“It’s a ripple effect.”

Insp Robinson, 46, is a former pupil of Southlands High School and started his career in Chorley.

He said: “Throughout my entire 24-year career drugs have been present in society.

“There has always been a focus on dealing with the control and supply of drugs into an area.

“There have been quite a few high-profile raids in Chorley.

“The information we get from the public is key. Community intelligence is paramount.

“We recently carried out a raid using a drugs warrant on a house in Chorley on the same day we received the information.”

Insp Robinson, who is a keen karate fan, said tackling juvenile troublemakers was a priority.

“We do a lot of work with licensed premises and that will continue,” he said.

Proxy sales of alcohol on behalf of U18s fuels anti-social behaviour.”

Following the restructuring the three inspectors will cover an area much wider than previously.

Insp Robinson said: “It’s a massive challenge. People are aware of the cutbacks but I’m determined to provide the people of Chorley with the best possible and quality police service.”