Drunken louts’ costly cricket club damage

Damaged wicket cover at Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods CC
Damaged wicket cover at Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods CC
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A cash-strapped cricket club is counting the cost of vandal attacks.

Drunken teenagers are thought to be responsible for two incidents in less than a week at Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods CC.

Wicket covers at the Palace Shield club have been damaged, and club chairman John Cowley slammed the culprits.

“We work on behalf of the community and that’s how you are repaid,” he said.

“We’ve introduced a thriving set up, so they’re injuring their own community.

“It’s a massive knock back when you’re trying to save to buy the ground. We can’t get big grants, we don’t own the land, we can’t afford to buy the land. We live hand to mouth. I’m not even certain whether the equipment’s even insured

The covers and other equipment were bought after a £9,000 competition win.

The first incident happened overnight on Saturday, July 19. The cover has lost a wheel and its framework has been buckled. That damage is said to be worth £1,500 to £2,000. Another was discovered damaged on Friday, July 25.

“We’ve had minor things before, like trying to get into the garage where the equipment’s kept, but they’ve not been successful,” said John.

He said it was fortunate the covers had not been needed due to the good weather.

The damage at the Kem Mill Lane club has been reported to police.

Sergeant Kevin Mountain, of Chorley’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “It could have been youths drinking. Numerous cans and bottles were left in the area.

“Anybody with information about youths drinking in the area can call the neighbourhood team on 01257 246225.