Elderly residents worried by new homes

Elderly village residents have criticised plans to build eight two-bedroom affordable homes next to their properties.

The residents of Ryecroft and Ryefield in Heapey fear their lives will be badly disrupted as a result of the proposed development.

Chorley Council’s development control committee gave the go ahead to the application by Primrose Holdings Ltd earlier this month.

The developer wants to construct the new homes - all two storey in two terraced rows - on council-owned open land at Ryefield, for a social landlord.

But many of the residents, some aged over 90, live there in sheltered bungalows and desperately do not want houses to be built.

They fear the properties will attract young families with children and that the peace and quiet of the area will be affected.

Resident John Foster, 70, who has lived there for eight years, said he had written a letter of complaint to Chorley Council.

He said: “We’ve got no problems with the bungalows.

“If they wanted to build bungalows we’d have no problems whatsoever because it’s in keeping with the area.

“They’ve closed the waiting list for the bungalows here because they haven’t got the bungalows for them.

“I can’t see many local people wanting these houses.

“ The people here are at an age where they don’t go out much.

“They only just walk round the estate where there are footpaths.

“You could have children cycling round them on bikes, skateboards, playing football.

“They are going to be playing in the grass areas in front of the houses.”

He said the privacy of some bungalow residents’ would be affected by being overlooked by the new homes.

“It’s going to be absolutely horrendous round here,” he said.

“It’s so nice.

“It’s going to be absolutely spoiled.”