Comic Dave Spikey in virtual heaven

Comedian Dave Spikey has been certified . . . as an official sponsor of his favourite  Lancashire beauty spot.

Monday, 11th January 2021, 7:00 am
Dave Spikey is handed his certificate by Richard Galloway.

The Phoenix Nights star has paid for a virtual piece of the historic Rivington Terraced Gardens to help with their upkeep for the next five years.

Dave, who hails from Bolton and was a patron of the radio station Chorley FM, has joined fellow comic Steve Royle in supporting the “Squarea” campaign to raise funds to cover the £100,000 annual maintenance costs.

“Rivington was always like an adventure playground when we were children - and there aren’t many places like that around here,” said Dave after picking up his sponsor’s certificate from director Richard Galloway.

Fellow comedian Steve Royle has also sponsored a piece of the gardens.

“Growing up in a two-up two-down near the mills in Bolton, it was great that you could just hop on a bus and be in the countryside in 20 minutes.

“Both of my children went to Rivington School and we’d often spend weekends walking and cycling around the area.

"When I used to drive home from gigs, you always knew you were home when you saw Winter Hill.

"I’ve mentioned it in my acts, pointing out that since we never win medals in the Winter Olympics, we should host them at Rivington Pike and confuse the Austrians by getting them to slide down on a bin bag or take part in the ‘old men clearing a path relay’.

“It’s brilliant to be involved in this campaign and getting my certificate is almost as good as winning a BAFTA.”

Richard said: “These gardens have an important place in people’s hearts and ‘Squarea’ gives them a chance to contribute and remember their special moments in the area.

"We’re very grateful to have Dave helping us protect one of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes.”