Ex-mayor turns independent

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A senior Chorley councillor has stepped down from the Liberal Democrat Party amid fears over the national political scene in influencing the local electorate.

Coun Ken Ball, who represents the Coppull ward on Chorley Council has written a letter of resignation and announced he plans to sit as an independent Councillor for the next two years of his term.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said: “I have been very despondent with the process that is going on nationally.

“We lost my wife Nora (Ball) last year and I was at the point of standing down when some people persuaded me to stay on.

“Now, this year we have lost Stella Walsh.

“Where we could rely on dealing with local issues it now seems that people are after kicking the (coalition) government.

“I have been a Liberal Democrat for more than 20 years under a number of different leaders but I am concerned about the current situation.

“We are working our cotton socks off up here and people are voting because of the national issues and this is just a kick in the teeth.”

In his letter, Coun Ball wanted to thank all the residents of Coppull for supporting the party at the elections.

‘Last year, I was very perturbed as to what is happening in government especially some of the policies that the Liberal Democrats were trying to push through to the detriment of the ‘normal’ person.’

The ex-Mayor added that he believes that some politicians ‘have probably never done a proper day’s work...and are out of touch with the general public and what they want from government.’