Farewell to Harry’s Bar

Behind the bar at Harry's Bar, pic taken by Paul Topping and Andrew Loughlin
Behind the bar at Harry's Bar, pic taken by Paul Topping and Andrew Loughlin

Work is set to start on a former landmark Chorley pub, transforming it into flats.

The old Harry’s Bar site, on St George’s Street, will be turned into eight one-bedroom flats after being empty for a number of years.

Last year Chorley Council was chosen to lead a Lancashire wide scheme to support homeless people.

The council gave £271,679 to the Progress Housing Group to develop the site.

Work is expected to start in early April, and building contractor Andrew Loughlin hopes work will be completed just after Christmas.

Coun Peter Wilson said: “We were approached some time ago and, after exploring all the options, we felt turning the pub into housing was the best option.

“There is a real demand at the moment for town centre property.

“It’s very unfortunate that the Harry’s Bar site couldn’t return as a pub, but this is the best thing for the town moving forward.

“It’s a huge landmark in Chorley and it’s time to move on, the pub trade isn’t what it used to be.”

Planning was approved for the flats last year.

Harry’s Bar opened on June 6, 1985 and closed June 11, 2007.

Ivan Lynas, now landlord of the Imperial, was the landlord of Harry’s Bar from the opening day.

He said: “It will be a sad day once the work starts but I’ve had some great memories at the pub.

“I was there for 22 years and it’s a great old building, but sadly it just wasn’t possible to open as a pub again, it would cost so much money to transform it.

“But everybody in Chorley will always have good memories of the place. One of mine was when England played Brazil in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. It was a 7am kick off and people queued from 6.30am to get in.

“The pub was on a great street and it was Chorley, it was always a safe place and a well run venue.”