‘Fatberg’ bursts sewer pipe and causes road closure

A fatberg blocks a sewer.
A fatberg blocks a sewer.
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A “fatberg” has been blamed for causing a sewer to burst and a key road to be closed for nearly three weeks.

The A49 Preston Road, between Coppull and Standish, reopened last week after the main sewer pipe burst three times.

United Utilities engineers said it was caused by one of the worst cases of a fat blockage they had ever seen.

David Stock, from United Utilities, said: “The sewer was completely blocked with fat and grease which caused pressure to build in the pipe, and eventually it burst.”

He added: “Many people don’t think twice about pouring fat and oil down the drain with hot water and washing up liquid, but it’s a real problem. The consequences in this case were horrendous for all the drivers who use Preston Road.”