Fed-up residents bid to stop unwanted parking in street

Val Houghton, front, with other residents of Primrose Street
Val Houghton, front, with other residents of Primrose Street
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Residents are taking action against drivers who park outside their homes to avoid town centre car park charges.

People living on Primrose Street, Chorley, say motorists leave their cars parked outside their terraced houses all day while they go to work.

They believe people are choosing to park there, rather than the nearby Friday Street car park, so they do not have to pay for parking.

But it is causing problems for residents, who struggle to park near their homes or get their wheelie bins emptied.

Val Houghton, who lives on Primrose Street and is a member of the residents’ group, said: “They either walk into the town centre or they are going to the railway station. There is a great big car park at the bottom of the street, but they don’t want to pay.

“It’s a nightmare for us.”

Residents claim the cars sometimes block the street, causing problems for bin collections and deliveries.

Val said: “We are worried that there could be an emergency and an ambulance couldn’t get to us.”

Chorley Council staff have put notices on cars asking drivers to leave the road clear for bin collections, but Val said the problem continues.

Residents now place their bins in the road to be collected so cars cannot park there.

They also have posters in their windows and would like residents-only parking.

Val said: “We have got more militant now and were are going to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them.”

Jamie Carson, Chorley Council’s director of people and places, said: “Collection teams have been pulling the bins out in order to empty them where possible or returning as soon as possible to collect them if they are inaccessible.

“The council has also leafleted cars asking them to keep the area free on Fridays when the bin collections are made, but we cannot stop people from parking on public roads.”

Andrew Burrows, Lancashire County Council’s public realm manager for Chorley, said: “We will investigate the problems the residents are experiencing with parking on Primrose Street.

“If they contact a member of my team, we’ll discuss the options with them.”