‘Find the thief who stole my lifeline

Elaine Stringfellow
Elaine Stringfellow
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A brazen middle-aged thief rode off on a disabled woman’s mobility scooter after stealing it from outside a town centre pub.

The callous crook, who was captured on CCTV, casually walked up to the scooter in broad daylight.

He appeared to get a key out of his pocket and put it into the ignition.

He then sat on the scooter, started it up and headed off up St Thomas’s Road – just yards away from Chorley police station.

The theft, from outside The George, has left the scooter’s owner, one-legged Elaine Stringfellow, without her lifeline.

And it’s the second time the 46-year-old has had a scooter one taken.

Elaine, who lost her right leg following an infection 12 years ago, described the theft as ‘disgusting’.

Elaine, of Park Street, Chorley, said she cannot afford to replace the scooter.

She said: “I’m disgusted because that’s the second one now.

“It’s unbelieveable.”

She added: “I’ve not had it that long because I had one stolen two weeks before Christmas which was chained up outside my house.”

She explained: “I bobbed in to see my daughter, because she works here (The George), and went outside and it’s gone.

“I relied on it. It’s my only means of getting about.”

Elaine paid £400 for the second hand scooter and spent £300 on the other one she had stolen.

“There’s no way I can get one straight away,” she said. “I’ll just have to save up and struggle till I get one.”

Paul Higgins, licensee of The George, has the culprit clearly captured on CCTV, which he has passed to Chorley Police in the hope of getting the cheeky thief tracked down quickly.

The thief, a balding, chubby man, aged in his 50s, can be seen riding away up St Thomas’s Road in the direction of the police station. The theft took place on August 28, at about 3.45pm.

Mr Higgins said: “We phoned the police straight away. I’ve never had anything like this happen at the pub before.”