Finlay is the real star of the show for his superb work

Finlay Parry pictured with his sisters Abigail and Isobel
Finlay Parry pictured with his sisters Abigail and Isobel
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It’s usually his twin sisters in the spotlight but for little Finlay Parry it’s finally his time to shine.

Five-year-old Fin, from Chorley, is the big brother to ‘Twincesses’ Abigail and Isobel Parry.

Abigail and Isobel were both born with Down’s Syndrome.

The charity Twincess was set up to help break down some of the negative perceptions that exist around Down’s.

Fin, who attends St George’s Primary School, is a star in the making and he regularly cares for his sisters.

In May, he competed in his first event for the charity, completing the 2km run at Heaton Park, Manchester.

In recognition of his achievements, Fin has reached the final three in Rock FM’s Time to Shine Awards.

Fin beat thousands of entries to a final spot and he will compete in categories such as Fund-raiser of the Year, Child of Courage, Inspirational award and the Time to Shine award.

Father Matt said: “We are so incredibly proud of what he has done and how to him it is normal life.

“He is such a treasure with the girls, they have been quite poorly recently and each and every night they have been awake between 3-4am.

“Fin has got himself out of bed and played with them whilst Jodi and I have cleaned up.”

Matt added: “He’s completely different and so much older than his years.

“He never grumbles about hospital appointments and being dragged everywhere.

“He is the glue that sticks our family together often being the second parent as one of us is most likely at work.

“He’s settled in well at school and his progress is superb - it really is heart warming for us.”