‘Fire ball’ burns man’s face

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A MAN’S face and arms have been badly burnt in an explosive DIY incident in Chorley.

Fire crews were called out to an explosion at Major Bottoms, New Road in Anderton, where a ‘fire ball’ caused severe burns to the man’s face and forearms.

The injured adult, who has not been named, had been working on a property renovation.

Red Watch Manager Malcolm Dewhurst, of Chorley fire station, said: “The fire ball would have only lasted a few seconds, but it was intense enough the cause severe burns to the man.”

An investigation was carried out by the fire service, police and gas transporter company Transco.

Mr Dewhurst said: “He was working in a confined space under the stairs, fixing plaster board to brickwork using expanding foam from an aerosol can.

“The foam is expelled from the can by a highly flammable propellant gas, which built up to such an extent that the pilot light from a nearby central heating boiler caused it to ignite.”

Two fire engines attended the scene at around 10am on Tuesday, March 15, and ambulance crews were treating the man when firefighters arrived.

The fire was already out, and the worker was taken to hospital for further treatment.

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