Firefighters rescue elderly woman from smoke-filled flat

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An elderly woman was rescued by firefighters after being found collapsed in her smoke-filled flat.

Later a fire brigade spokesman hailed the automatic smoke alarm system fitted in the sheltered accommodation in Richmond Court, Chorley for saving her life.

Officers were summoned to the incident at around 9.30 on Tuesday evening after the smoke detector in the flat triggered an alarm at a central control room, alerting the emergency services.

It took the fire crew from Wellbank Road station in Chorley just three minutes to reach the scene. When they arrived they discovered the woman, in her seventies, collapsed on the kitchen floor of her apartment.

She was rescued and received first aid treatment outside before being taken to hospital for checks.

“Fortunately the lady seemed OK,” said a brigade spokesman. “She was conscious and talking to paramedics.

“It could have been much worse had it not been for the smoke alarm system which is fitted to these flats. When smoke is detected it triggers an alarm in a control room and they then alert us.

“We managed to get there very quickly. She was collapsed on the floor and the flat was heavily smoke-logged. Apparently she had been cooking something and it had totally burnt out, causing a lot of smoke.”

Another fire crew in Chorley had to deal with a large fire involving waste in plastic pallets and wheelie bins in the early of Wednesday in Spendmore Lane, Coppull.

Acting watch manager Neil Mitchell said: “It would appear someone had been using a chiminea earlier in the night at the rear of some shops and it caused a fire in the early hours.

“It was quite a large blaze and it caused some damage to a shop and a flat nearby. We have investigated the cause and we are happy this was a complete accident.”