Firm pledges a crackdown on staff who park illegally

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Fears have been expressed that a serious accident is just waiting to happen as a result of controversial parking issues.

Concerns have been raised by a county councillor over parking on Church Street in Adlington.

A number of small collisions have already happened because of poor parking.

Now County Coun Kim Snape insists the problem needs sorting out immediately before there is a serious accident.

She said: “This has been happening for a number of years. Some days are worse than others, but at some points I don’t think you could fit a fire engine down the road.”

Coun Snape claims a number of minor accidents have already happened on Church Street because of the parking problems.

She says staff from debt solution firm Debt Free Direct, which is based on Church Street, park on the road even though there is a car park.

Lancashire County Council is to contact the company to help resolve the matter.

Andrew Burrows, the county council’s highways manager for Chorley, said: “We’re aware of parking issues on Church Street in Adlington and we will be contacting the company to see if we can find a way of easing the problem.

“We will monitor the situation and work with the police to address any safety issues.”

A spokesman for Debt Free Direct said: “As a company we provide allocated parking spaces for our employees to use, but like most businesses we have limited on-site parking and are unable to provide parking spaces for all staff.

“We encourage our employees to car share, to use the overflow car park facility and to park within the marked bays.

“We have been proactive in communicating to our staff that they must not park outside the nearby residents homes.

“We have also taken actions against staff who break the company’s rules on car parking. Furthermore, we have also advised the police to warn staff who are found to be parking illegally.

“We take the concerns of our local community very seriously and I want to assure local residents that we will continue to monitor this and where necessary take disciplinary action against staff who cause issues for them.

“We have open communication with the local residents and I would encourage them to notify us in the first instance if parking is a concern.”