Flat Iron car park resurfacing work begins

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Work has begun to improve Chorley town centre’s Flat Iron car park.

The car park will be resurfaced in sections so it will remain open, but motorists are advised to use one of the many other car parks in the town centre to avoid any disruption.

While the Booths part of the car park undergoes improvement works and resurfacing, the Flat Iron market will move to the other half of the car park when it stands on Tuesdays.

Councillor Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council, said: “Our car parks often provide a first impression of the town, which is why we are resurfacing those that are in need of repair.

“Inevitably there will be disruption while we work on the Flat Iron car park but we do have plenty of other car parks very close to the shops so we’re urging people to use an alternative while the work is carried out.

“You’ll still be able to use parts of the Flat Iron car park but it will be busier than usual while parts are closed so it’d be quicker parking elsewhere and making a short walk rather than queuing to find a spot on the Flat Iron.”

The newly-resurfaced Fleet Street car park will be white-lined and is expected to reopen fully next week as Chorley Council continues its programme of investing in the town centre, which includes:

Improving the Market Street frontages above shopfront level,

Redevelopment of the former McDonald’s store into four new units.

improvements to southern Market Street, which will be part of the Asda development

Re-opening of the northern end of Market Street to traffic.

Purchase of Market Walk with a view to improving the offer of shops.

The Flat Iron car park resurfacing will be done in four stages with work due to be completed by September 1.

Attention will then turn to Portland Street car park which will be closed for three weeks in September.

Up-to-date information on when each car park will be closed, along with a map of all the other car parks, is available from chorley.gov.uk/parking or by calling the council on 01257 515151.