Flood-hit road is watched by CCTV

A CCTV camera is being used to help engineers react as quickly as possible to residents’ concerns about flooding on a road in Chorley.

Highways engineers from Lancashire County Council have often had to close Euxton Lane, in Euxton, since September 2010.

A drain belonging to Network Rail on nearby land has collapsed, causing surface water to flood the road after significant rainfall.

Network Rail is progressing plans to install a pump which will operate automatically to prevent the road becoming impassable when it rains.

Meanwhile, highways engineers have installed a camera on a nearby lamppost to help them react as quickly as possible to pump water away following heavy rain and minimise the length of any road closure.

County Councillor Mark Perks, whose Chorley North division covers the affected area, said: “As a local resident myself I know the frustration and inconvenience this problem is continuing to cause.

“I understand from Network Rail that design work for a pumping solution is nearing completion and that work should begin in the coming weeks.

“I want to assure people that the county council is making every effort to minimise this problem while we await a more permanent solution. The CCTV camera is already helping our engineers to pump away the water as quickly as possible when flooding occurs.

Network Rail initially explored options for repairing the original drain which collapsed. However, exploration work was time consuming and technically difficult due to the drain’s depth, length, age and location close to the West Coast Main Line.

The decision has been taken to explore other solutions rather than attempt to fix the collapsed sections with the risk the problem could reoccur.