Florist’s plea to delay roadworks for Valentine’s Day

Roadworks on Church Street, Adlington
Roadworks on Church Street, Adlington

A furious florist has hit out at the start of roadworks just before Valentine’s Day, one of her busiest times of the year.

Helen Brown has ordered hundreds of roses for her romantic customers.

Florist Helen Brown

Florist Helen Brown

But she fears customers will not go to her shop Budz By Helen Jane after roadworks started on Church Street in Adlington, near Chorley, on Monday.

Helen said: “I’m extremely worried. This is a peak period that we rely on. People come to our shop and we have built up our base. If people can’t get to us, they will go somewhere else and they won’t come back again.

“It’s taken us long enough to build up our business after 12 months of road closures in Adlington.”

Helen said a notice about the work had been displayed since November.

But she was upset to find the work starting on Monday, plus cones meaning there was nowhere for customers to park near the shop.

It comes after a series of roadworks in the area recently, including road closures as bridges were rebuilt as part of work to electrify the railway.

Helen wants the roadworks to be postponed until after Valentine’s Day.

She said: “We are only asking for a postponement.”

Electricity North West said engineers will be working on Church Street until Saturday and will move further up the road tomorrow, so will not be outside Helen’s shop.

A spokesman said: “We are investing £540,000 to upgrade the power network by installing 4km of new underground cable to ensure local residents and businesses in the area receive a reliable power supply.

“Advance notice signs have been in place for two weeks and temporary traffic lights are being used to ensure engineers can carry out the work safely.

“We have spoken to local customers and businesses directly and unfortunately there is no way to install underground cables without some disruption, but we hope drivers and residents in Adlington understand the need for this essential project.”