Flytippers dump 101 tyres in countryside

More than 100 tyres have been dumped in a ditch in Birchin Lane, Brindle
More than 100 tyres have been dumped in a ditch in Birchin Lane, Brindle
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Police are appealing for witnesses after more than a 100 tyres were dumped on a rural road in a Chorley village.

Farmer Philip Baldwin was walking with cattle along Birchin Lane near Brindle when he spotted the mound of 101 tyres down a ditch.

His brother John, who owns Denham Springs Farm, contacted Chorley Council and it took two days for officers to get the problem cleared.

John said: “I was shocked because I have never seen so many tyres at the side of the road. There were about half a dozen left in the same place about a week before and we just hope this will be the end of it all.

“From time to time we have had some garden rubbish in this area but there is nothing we can do about it.

“It is a real concern that there are more and more things being dumped but I hope that the tyres were a one-off incident.”

Coun Bell, who is responsible for fly-tipping issues at Chorley Council, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw so many tyres dumped in this ditch without a care or thought for anyone.

“There were a lot of tyres in the ditch so whoever has done this would have needed a large van to move them. Fly-tipping is unsightly and causes great distress to the local community.

“The cost of dealing with it has to be met by council taxpayers and this money could be better spent improving services for residents.

“The council is doing all we can to find out who the perpetrators are and we’re asking anyone who may have seen anything to get in touch.

“Any information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence.”

Coun David Dickinson, who represents Brindle, said: “This is one of the worst cases of fly-tipping in the area.”

Chris Evans, Community Beat Manager for the area, said: “We are liaising with the council about the problems and have upped patrols in the area to act as a deterrent to the people committing this offence.”

- If anyone saw anything suspicious or if you would like to report any fly-tipping contact Chorley Council on 01257 515151 or