Food in the fast lane

Click and Collect facility by Tesco
Click and Collect facility by Tesco
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This is fast food – but not as you know it.

Chorley will be the first place in Lancashire to get a drive-thru supermarket, if plans are given the go-ahead by the council.

Tesco want to install a Click and Collect groceries facilities for the first time in the county at the Foxhole Road store.

Supermarket bosses say that shoppers will be able to order groceries online without having to wait for delivery, which they believe is a ‘barrier to online shopping for their customers’.

It comes after a successful trial over the past 12 months. There are currently 45 locations around the country.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “Customers like the convenience and speed of the drive-thru service, as it takes just two or three minutes.

“This service allows us to offer increased convenience and a fast shopping option for online customers and their busy lifestyles. This way orders are picked, packed and waiting for customers to collect at a time that suits them, all they need to do is open their boot.”

The application is for the facility at the top left corner, furthest away from the store.

Tesco say it takes roughly two or three minutes, and the feedback they have received has been impressive, with three-quarters of those asked would use it again.

All products ordered online are picked on the day of collection. The collection point is just like a kitchen with cupboard, fridges and freezers, ensuring food is kept just as fresh as it is in a customer’s home.

The spokesman added: “By selecting Click and Collect on the website, they are able to choose a two-hour collection window to go and pick up their shopping. They can turn up at any point within that time, so it is really flexible.

“They show their payment card and reference details to a member of staff (or photo ID and their Clubcard) and if everything is okay, the shopping is packed into the boot for them.”

Meanwhile, there are some concerns about how this new idea will change the face of shopping forever.

Coun Ralph Snape, who represents the Chorley North East ward – which includes the Foxhole Road site, said: “I don’t think I will be using it.

“It is just a change in a way of life where people are shopping at supermarkets.

“But I always liked the cornershop where you knew the owners and there was a bit of a relationship with them.

“I think there is nothing you can do to stop the supermarket because there is demand for it. It is just another example of the Americanisation of the society again.”