Former driver who moved into local politics has died

Derek Holland
Derek Holland

A former Chorley councillor has died, aged 80, after a short illness.

Liberal Democrat Edward Derek Holland represented Coppull ward.

He attended Coppull St John’s School before becoming an apprentice collier and worked at the Point of Ayr and Parkside pits.

He was an assistant engineer for many years until the 1960s.

Mr Holland was a bus driver in St Helens and then a long distance lorry driver for Oliver Hart & Sons of Coppull, who ran a small fleet of buses, coaches and lorries, until the firm closed during the


His family said he always wanted to be a driver and loved the years he spent as a bus driver and later an HGV driver.

Mr Holland, who used to live in Longfield Avenue, Coppull, was married Sheila for 55 years and had two children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He became very ill in 1982 and was in hospital for a few months.

On his return home he was not expected to be able to walk or eat properly again, but went on to make a full recovery.

It was after his illness he became interested in politics and was a founder member of the Liberal Democrats in the Chorley area.

Mr Holland served as a Chorley borough and Coppull parish councillor. He was also a member of the Chorley Police and Community Forum.

He retired as a councillor after many years due to ill health.

Involved with Coppull British Legion earlier in his life, he was also a lifelong Wigan Warriors rugby league fan and Manchester United supporter.

His granddaughter Cathy, who cared for him in later life, said: “Only I could get away with calling him Edward. Grandad and I shared a love for Wigan Warriors.

“Each time Warriors released a new shirt or a limited edition, grandad would always drop hints to me but would never ask me for it, but little did he know I had already ordered them for him as I had joined Wigan Warriors’ mailing list to stay one step ahead.

“During the 18 months he was in my care, the bond between me and him grew stronger. I love and miss you very much, grandad, my number one man.”

Mr Holland died on Brindle ward of Chorley Hospital on December 20.

His funeral takes place at Charnock Richard crematorium on January 8, at 10am.