Former fire centre to be demolished

Photo Ian Robinson'Washington Hall Fire Training Centre in Euxton
Photo Ian Robinson'Washington Hall Fire Training Centre in Euxton
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An historic Chorley landmark is set to be knocked down and replaced with a new garage for a fleet of fire engines.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have submitted plans to raze the former Washington Hall training building off Westway in Euxton.

It is the second phase of developing the site which will in the long-term include moving Chorley Fire crews from Weldbank Lane to the site.

John Taylor of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “There is a fleet of fully functional fire engines which are used for training purposes.

“They have to be able to driving out on the road and ensure the drivers know how to react to situations.

“The current garages are where we want to build the new fire station in the long-term.

“Even though we do not know when that is going to be, we want have the new garages ready so there is a smooth transition.

“When the move happens we will need the new station to be operational and everything will have to be built. This is moving around the site in phases.

“The current building is a World War Two single storey barracks and was offices and a hall used for training overseas firemen.

“There is not as much demand from overseas now so we have enough lecuture rooms and offices to train our own firemen on the site.”

Chorley Council planning officers will decide on the scheme but locally it has been met with concern.

Coun Peter Goldsworthy, leader of the council, who also represents the Euxton area said: “It is very sad to see a bit of our history being knocked down but it is a very old building and is knackered.

“It a a positive move that we are going to see it knocked down and replaced by a new station.

“This is progress and we will have a new fire station based in Chorley because of this.”