Fractured skull fiend disowned

BRUTE: Shaun Turner during a holiday to Turkey when he was 15 years old
BRUTE: Shaun Turner during a holiday to Turkey when he was 15 years old

A Chorley man who fractured a newborn baby’s skull by throwing him to the floor has been condemned by his own family.

Last week the Guardian revealed how Shaun Turner, of Stump Lane, had been jailed for five years for causing life-threatening injuries to the tot.

Now his parents, who live in Coppull, have spoken out after claims in court that he had a violent upbringing.

Mr and Mrs Turner, who have asked for their first names to remain anonymous, said he had been a ‘dreadful child’, saying: “From being a young baby he was always hard work.”

The middle of three children, Shaun was described as disruptive at school before eventually being diagnosed with ADHD.

The court heard the diagnosis was incorrect and Shaun was prescribed Ritalin.

However, his mother claimed even at the maximum dose the medication could not control his unruly behaviour, and so it was stopped.

But despite their difficulties the Turner family tried to live a normal family life. They would go on camping holidays to the Lake District and took a holiday in Turkey together when Shaun was 15.

They tried to reward Shaun’s behaviour by creating star charts and giving him treats, but his parents say the rewards did not come quick enough for their son and sanctions had to be imposed.

His father said: “Violence wasn’t part of our everyday life in this family. If there was violence in the home, it was instigated by Shaun.”

He would break possessions belonging to his siblings, flout house rules and pulled a knife on his mother on one occasion. However, his conviction for GBH with intent in relation to a six-week-old baby was the last straw for the Turner family.

Mrs Turner said: “That baby could have died. We have given him that many opportunities to get on the straight and narrow and he lets everyone down. I think he has burnt his bridges this time.”