Fundraiser Jo shows she has heart with charity head shave

Jo Dixon's new look and below, before the head shave
Jo Dixon's new look and below, before the head shave
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Fundraiser Jo Dixon is feeling the wintry weather more than most after having her hair shaved off for charity.

The 40-year-old was spurred on to raise money for British Heart Foundation, after being diagnosed with a heart condition.

And going under the clippers has helped her raise almost £1,600 for the charity, smashing her target of £1,000.

She had her hair shaved off at the CIS Tower in Manchester, where she works for the Co-operative Bank.

Afterwards, the hair was donated to Little Princess Trust, a charity making wigs for poorly children.

Jo, of Holland House Way, Buckshaw Village, said: “Lots of my work colleagues turned up to watch, as did my two sisters, which was very supportive.

“I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends, family and colleagues.”

Jo started suffering from blackouts in 2008, having previously been healthy.

In one instance, she fell through her front door and was injured.

Doctors found she had a slow heartbeat and in 2010, she was fitted with a pacemaker to regulate her heartbeat.

Jo is not the only person in her family with heart problems, as her mother, father and father-in-law have also been affected.

She is still collecting donations online at