Funds will be invested back into Croston's community initiatives

A new charity in Croston will pour funds into village initiatives which bring the community together.

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 12:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:49 am
Photo by Ian Robinson
Photo by Ian Robinson

Croston, the centre of which is a designated conservation area, was hit by the devastating floods on Boxing Day in 2015.

But despite the upheaval that the downpour caused for residents, it also drew out the best in the community as everyone pulled together to help those affected.

Now, with the work of Croston Flood Relief complete, trustees determined to build on its momentum have announced a new charity, Croston Together.

In a letter to Croston residents the trustees said the charity aimed to “harness the creativity, compassion and community spirit of everyone in Croston”.

They added that the charity would support existing village organisations, groups and projects as well as encouraging new initiatives and was only limited by imagination when it come to what it could achieve.

The letter stated: ‘It is our vision that the whole enterprise should be owned by every single person in our village. In other words everyone is invited to come forward with ideas that will further our aims and support out village.’

Initiatives in Croston include...

• Croston Fest is already a successful annual event

• Community mini bus with weekly trips to Leyland and/or Chorley

• A community garden

• Open gardens event which takes place this year on Sunday, July 9

• Community book share

• Supporting Croston in Bloom campaigns

• Involving young people as community leaders

While some events might raise cash to pour back into the community giving it a boost organisers say that all events will be an excuse to socialise.