Fury as Network Rail close footpath in rail works

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VILLAGERS are up in arms after a well-used pedestrian crossing has been closed.

Network Rail has opted to close the pedestrian crossing which connects Westhoughton Road to Highfield Road, in Adlington.

The crossing, which has been closed for seven months, is used by many to get from the top half of the village to the other as well as crossing the train line.

Rail chiefs have said the crossing is being closed for safety reasons and long-term options are being discussed.

But residents have slammed the closure as being too ‘excessive.’

County Coun Kim Snape said: “The crossing has been closed for seven months and no work has been completed.

“Residents are furious, I think we all understand that a temporary closure is needed, but to close it and then not to do any work, it just isn’t fair.

“Six months is far too excessive, it’s a well used path and it connects one half of the village to the others.”

Calls have since been made for the crossing to reopen.

Coun Snape has also welcomed the idea of a more permanent crossing once the work has been completed.

She added: “I think whilst no work is going on then the crossing needs to reopen.

“People use the footpath to get to work, to catch certain buses and it’s also used recreationally.

“I do think that if something comes of it long-term then it’s a good thing.

“A crossing is needed there but at the moment it needs to be reopened.

“It’s a huge inconvenience for everybody in the village.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “The footpath has been temporarily closed on safety grounds because of the change in the number and times of trains using the route because of the upgrade work taking place in the Farnworth Tunnel area.

“Various options to provide a long-term, alternative route across the railway at this location are being considered and further information will be available in due course.

“We thank local people for their ongoing patience.”