Fury over beach party mess

Mess left behind after 'beach' party at waterless Lower Rivington Reservior.
Mess left behind after 'beach' party at waterless Lower Rivington Reservior.
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A Chorley beauty spot has been turned into a scruffy barbecue ‘beach’ party spot.

Folk are outraged after making the discovery at the almost waterless Lower Rivington Reservoir at Anglezarke.

Not only are there complaints about the misuse of the area, fears have also been expressed about water pollution.

The recent hot spell has attracted young people onto the dry reservoir both day and night.

Angry David Maher described it as “wanton neglect to pollution of our water supply” and urged United Utilities, who are responsible for the reservoir, to put a stop to it.

He said: “Over the past weeks during the hot spell the Lower Rivington Reservior has been turned into a beach by day and party barbecue venue by night.

“This has had the effect of seeing rubbish and debris strewn over the area for weeks and an abject failure to monitor and maintain the area by the custodians United Utilities.”

He added: “I have contacted the water company about these issues. I feel this is a disgraceful neglect of our local beauty spot and a potential pollution problem in our water supply.”

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “Thousands of people enjoy our land at Rivington every year and behave responsibly, taking away any litter and staying to the clearly marked public footpaths. Unfortunately, a small number of people wander into areas where they shouldn’t go and leave a mess. We agree with Mr Maher that this anti-social behaviour is really disappointing and it costs us lots of money each year to clean-up.

“However, to employ a 24-hour security team to police our entire West Pennine estate, which is around 15,000 hectares, just isn’t an option, so we need to rely on all visitors behaving like the vast majority. Also, it’s really important the land is kept clean and tidy, so the water which flows into our treatment works from the reservoir is as clean as possible.”