Get involved to secure future of village’s scarecrow festival

One of the scarecrows at the festival last month
One of the scarecrows at the festival last month
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Organisers of a scarecrow festival are calling for more people to get involved to ensure the event continues.

Visitors flocked to Charnock Richard Scarecrow Festival last month to see the host of imaginative creations, which included Disney princesses and rock band Queen.

The festival allows organisations in Charnock Richard to raise funds for their causes, including the school, uniformed organisations and old school restoration, while the football club and pub raise money for local charities each year.

Now the organising committee is looking for people to help to make sure it can continue.

They believe that while there were a large number of scarecrows on display and the quality was high, there were not as many as in previous years.

So they are looking for ideas to help encourage people to create and display scarecrows.

This year some scarecrows were created by organisations based elsewhere which help people in the village and this will be encouraged next year.

People are needed to get involved in the organisation of the weekend and there could be a new award for 2016.

The organising committee wants to hear from people with any ideas for the festival and also whether people in Charnock Richard want the event to continue or not.

Call Paul Leadbetter on 07926 089450 or go to Charnock Richard’s Scarecrow Festival Official page on Facebook.