Get me out of here!

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You may think having a whole shopping store to themselves is every woman’s dream.

But Chorley’s Jess Stretton got more than she bargained for when she visited Dunelm on the Ocean Plaza Retail Park, Marine Drive, Southport.

Jess Stretton 'trapped' in Dunelm.

Jess Stretton 'trapped' in Dunelm.

For she found herself trapped inside, unable to get out, shouting out for help.

Jess explained: “My partner and I went to the till to discover that the shop had been shut.

“All shutters down, tills empty, no staff in sight. And it was only just 8pm.

“They obviously hadn’t checked the store, and closed up early.

“After shouting ‘hello is anyone there?’ for five minutes, I was shouting and running all over the store to find somebody, to no avail.

“It was only after a whole thirty minutes, which felt like a life time at that point, I managed to burst my way through the store room and into the hidden offices at the back, to find the manager cashing up.

“It was an ordeal!!”

A rising soul/RB artist, Jess, who is currently writing and recording her debut EP due for release at the end of this month, said: “I have spoken with customer services this morning and I’m waiting to hear back.”

A hilarious video of her lock-in has been put on Facebook, receiving many replies from friends.