Girl tackles street traffic problems

Taking matters into their own hands: Tyler and Lauren Naughton at the school gates
Taking matters into their own hands: Tyler and Lauren Naughton at the school gates

A little girl is so worried about being hit by traffic outside her house she’s written to the governors of her local school.

Lauren Naughton, 10, lives on The Bowers in Chorley, which leads to the back of Holy Cross Catholic High School.

She says that parents of pupils at Holy Cross are among 50 motorists to park her cul-de-sac every day, blocking up the road.

Lauren, who lives with her mum Joanne and eight-year-old brother Tyler, attends St George’s CE Primary School.

She said: “It’s hard for me and my brother to play outside because of the cars. I’m worried that someone will get hurt.”

Lauren has now written to governors at Holy Cross to voice her concerns.

“I think they will listen to me,” she said. “Something needs to be done fast, before something bad happens.”

Mum Joanne said: “I’ve told Lauren how dangerous the cars can be so she wanted to write to the governors about it.

“It’s worse during the school run, but people often turn up to pick their children up from playing football on the school’s outdoor weather pitch at night as well, and they can be really noisy.

“It can be as late as 10pm, and my children try to sleep through it, but there’s music playing and doors banging, it just wakes them up.”

Staff at the school are aware of the traffic issues, and when a new route was created after a housing development was built on Myles Standish Way, they hoped parents would start using that road instead of The Bowers.

The family moved into the house in 2006 and say five years on, they haven’t noticed much of an improvement, forcing them to get the police involved.

“The Police Community Support Officers have given me leaflets to put on people’s windscreens when they leave their cars and block me in,” Joanne said. “But it doesn’t seem to make a difference.”

Deputy headteacher at Holy Cross, Alison Rigby, said: “We have asked parents to use Myles Standish Way because it’s a safety issue that so many to use The Bowers, as children walk to school that way.

“We’re glad that some have taken our advice, and the situation is a lot better than it used to be, but we’re continuing to work with parents on the matter.”

On top of the congestion worries, Joanne is also annoyed that teens congregate in her garden during their lunch breaks, and has written to the headteacher of Holy Cross, Wendy White, about the issue.

“They meet outside my house most days, but sometimes they go into my garden and even under my porch when it rains,” she said. “They also leave their rubbish down the side of my house.

“I wrote to the headteacher and she said they’ve now bought additional CCTV cameras to help monitor the problem, but said there’s not a lot she can do about the traffic other than encourage parents to use the other entrance.”