Give Isaac the chance to communicate with world around him

Four-year-old Isaac Bolton with his mum Lynsey
Four-year-old Isaac Bolton with his mum Lynsey
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“He’s in a situation like Stephen Hawking. There’s so much going on inside and he needs a way to get it out.”

Parents Rick and Lynsey Bolton are committed to raising awareness and understanding of disabilities through their charity Izzy’s Busy, inspired by their four-year-old son Isaac who has cerebral palsy.

And now they are raising money for state-of-the-art equipment for Isaac so he can finally have a voice of his own.

Isaac does not have learning disabilities, but cannot talk because of his physical disability – he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, vocal cord palsy and a tracheostomy.

But he could finally be able to communicate thanks to new eye-gaze technology, which would allow him to select things on a screen using his eyes. His parents have launched a campaign to raise the £10,000 to £14,000 needed to buy the equipment.

Rick, of Austin Drive, Chorley, said: “We have never heard him cry, we have never heard a noise from Isaac. He has had all his thoughts locked in.

“It will be the one way that he gets to communicate with the world around him.”

Dad Rick Bolton

“Apart from his expressive face and eyes, he can’t talk. Because of his physical disability, he can’t hand sign.

“Being able to unlock his communication will be amazing for everyone around him and it will be world-changing for him.

“Isaac doesn’t know about the technology and the difference it will make to his life.

“It will be the one way that he gets to communicate with the world around him.”

Isaac’s parents have decided to do a fund-raising appeal for him for the first time. They feel it is a crucial time as he will start school in September.

Rick, 39, said: “He has inspired an awful lot of positive change around him, but when we came to this point where there is a certain piece of equipment that will benefit him, we have to draw on every resource.”

Already committed to raising money is Kayleigh Ralphs, who has been Isaac’s key worker at The Legacy Rainbow House for more than three years. Kayleigh and her father David Ralphs will run the Lakeland 50 in July, a 50-mile ultra marathon in the Lake District.

Rick and Lynsey are planning fund-raising events and want to hear from anyone who would like to raise money for Isaac, as well as corporate sponsors. To help Isaac or find out more, go to or follow @teamisaac10k on Twitter.