Going head first into a charity challenge

FAMILY and friends of brave Kaine Walker-McDonald got their heads together in a true show of support for the Euxton youngster at the weekend.

Kaine, seven, has battled cancer after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphona since early December.

But a community rallied round on Saturday and raised more than £1,670 for The Christie hospital in Manchester where he received treatment.

The event was organised at the family’s home on Gleneagles Drive, Euxton, by Kaine’s sister Robyn Walker, 17.

Kaine’s brothers Jay Walker, 16 a Parklands High GCSE student, and Chad McDonlad, 21, a history student at Salford University, both bravely agreed to have their heads shaved for charity, as did other supporters on the day.

Robyn, 17, who is studying A-levels at Runshaw College, says the sponsored head shave itself made around £350, with lots more cash coming in from online donations.

“We also sold cakes, the people involved made them and sold food and stuff,”
said Robyn, who sent out more than 40 leaflets in the neighbourhood inviting people to the event.

“I would say about forty people turned up,” said the teenager.

Kaine, who attends Euxton St Mary’s Primary School, has undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Mum Nicola Walker, 36 said: “He’s lost his hair and he’s being a little trooper.

“He’s not been down once, he’s come through it very very well.”

Nicola and partner, engineer Simon Sutton, together with the rest of the family, have
been told that Kaine, who was also a patient at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital,
should not have to return for further treatment

“He doesn’t need any more treatment at all now,’ said Robyn.

He’s waiting to have his central line out, so it seems good.”

She said he will go for a check up in six months.

Lymphomas are cancers of the lymphatic system.

Hodgkin lymphoma is named after Dr Thomas Hodgkin who was the first person to describe lymphoma in scientific papers in 1832.

Robyn said her brother developed a small lump “the size of a pea” on
his neck in March last
year, which “grew and grew”.

Now, though, everyone is delighted with Kaine’s progress – even if his personality has changed a little.

“He’s gone from a very shy mummy’s boy – and now he’s extremely cheeky,” smiled Robyn.