Gran’s cancer shock after accident

Hazel Hawkins of Pikestone Court,, Devonport Way, Chorley, who was hit by a sign in Morrisons
Hazel Hawkins of Pikestone Court,, Devonport Way, Chorley, who was hit by a sign in Morrisons

A great grandmother’s store accident may well have saved her life.

Hazel Hawkins, 64, was hit in the chest by her heavy shopping trolley when a large advertising hoarding was blown over by a gust of wind.

An hour or so later she was rushed to hospital by ambulance – where doctors discovered she had cancer.

Hazel, of Pikestone Court, Chorley, and her partner John Walker, 71, had been shopping in Morrison’s, Brooke Street.

She was leaving through the foyer – her trolley laden with drinks she had bought for a party.

She explained: “We were shopping for a party and had just come out and were in the foyer and they had those

real tall advertisement boards out.

“They had the front doors open and the wind blew one of them over and hit the trolley and pushed it into my chest.

“It was extremely painful. A security guard came and picked it up. The trolley was quite heavy because there were lots of bottles and things in there for this party we were having.”

The pair left the store and returned home.

John recalled: “I’d just made a brew and she was sat down on the couch. I went in the kitchen to feed the cat and heard a bang. She was flat on her back. There was no response from her at all.”

Hazel continued: “All I can remember is coming round in the ambulance.

‘My partner was with me. The paramedic said, ‘do you know where you are’.

“He said you are in the back of an ambulance and we’ve just reached Chorley Hospital.”

Hazel said she remembers being sick in the hospital and then having X-rays taken.

“In the end they discovered this mass on the left lung. They told me they’ve found a shadow and were keeping me in hospital. They said it was cancer.

“It was such a shock. I was gutted and frightened.”

And she urged people to have regular health checks.

“I would, because it was such a shock to me. You could have had these things going on for a few years.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “It appears that a freak gust of wind caused the signage to topple over as the doors opened. We’re sorry for any distress this caused and are looking at possible alternative sites for the sign.”

Hazel is appealing for anyone who witnessed her accident at the store to get in touch. They can contact her friend Carole on 07719309105.