‘Greedy’ carer stole £6k from blind man - to buy clothes

Paul Gregg, 66, of Chorley, was a victim of thief Karen Parsons
Paul Gregg, 66, of Chorley, was a victim of thief Karen Parsons
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A blind man has spoken of his betrayal after a carer defrauded thousands from him.

Paul Gregg, 66, was visibly upset as he attended Preston Crown Court as Karen Parsons, 37, was jailed for 14 months for her actions.

The court heard Parsons had taken a total of £12,890 from Mr Gregg and a 67-year-old man with learning difficulties who lives in support accommodation with him.

Prosecuting, Karen Brooks, said: “The two victims share a house together with separate bank accounts with Halifax. The supported accommodation involves assistance by carers who go into the house for three to five hours each day, and together with finances they assist with cleaning and shopping.

“Mr Gregg is used to managing his own money but needs support to use an ATM.

“The other victim struggles to understand the concept of money.

“All the matters connected with the banking was kept in a metal tin in an office used by carers when they attended there. Every fortnight £100 to £150 would be withdrawn with permission.”

However, a colleague of Parsons noticed discrepancies on a finance sheet and an investigation was launched. Parsons was suspended from her job and later admitted two counts of fraud by abuse of her position.

Darren Lee Smith, defending her, said: “ She expresses a high degree of remorse and at no point attempts to undermine what is a very serious position.”

Speaking after the case, Mr Gregg said: “It’s awful. There’s no getting away from that.

“The girl’s been a damn fool. She knew what she was doing. I’m not even certain she needed the money. She was just downright greedy.

“I had known Karen for five years. I trusted her implicitly because I had to. I will never be in a position to fend for myself.

“I didn’t look forward to coming to court. But justice has been done.”

Judge Recorder Hannam said Parsons had “lined her own pockets.” He added: “Mr Gregg is blind. The other victim is so confused, he doesn’t know what money is. In my view you were devious, greedy and deceitful.”