Growing village is set for new school

Photo: David Hurst'Trinity Buckshaw Village School near Chorley
Photo: David Hurst'Trinity Buckshaw Village School near Chorley

A RAPIDLY expanding Chorley village could be set for a second primary school.

Buckshaw Village is one of the fastest growing residential developments in the county and Buckshaw Trinity Methodist Primary School has doubled its entry intake from 30 to 60 places.

Lancashire County Council chiefs approved plans for a new school to try to deal with the shortage of primary school places in the Chorley North Ward.

However, with many of the properties on Europe’s biggest brownfield residential site still being built, calls have been made that the problem could get worse.

Coun Mark Perks, who represents the Buckshaw Village ward, said: “Lancashire County Council has identified a shortage of places for 2014/15 and they have to take action.

“If the population keeps rising and more young families move to the area, then there might be the situation that LCC has to work on part of the Buckshaw Village Group One land which was set aside so they could build a school.

“They own the plot of land for the next 10 years and this was part of the plan when Buckshaw Village was started that another site of Central Avenue could possibly become another primary school.”

In the meantime, Trinity CE/Methodist Primary School has been allowed to expand their facilities.

In April 2012, 30 children living with in 0.25 miles from the school were offered places, while others in the village were unable to enrol.

It meant 20 children were forced to travel more than two miles to go to another school.

In May, LCC bosses temporarily gave the green light for one year to increase the number of children enrolling to 60, but a fortnight ago it was made permanent which could mean a total of 420 pupils learning there in the future.

Coun Perks believes the increase in pupils will ease the situation.

He added: “I have had lots of emails and contact with concerned parents about their children not getting into Buckshaw Trinity so hopefully this will help.”

Kay Davies, chairman of the Buckshaw Village Community Association, said: “BVCA has known there is a really big demand in the village for kids to go to Buckshaw Trinity and it is good news they are going to provide for 60 families in the area.

“With regards to the second school, it is good to know that LCC is investigating the future.

County Councillor Susie Charles, Cabinet Member for Children and Schools, said: “We are pleased to have been able to increase the size of this popular school to meet demand from Buckshaw Village.

“Birth rates in Chorley are continuing to rise, and we are keeping a weather eye on trends in the Buckshaw area so as to be able to meet the demand for additional places in the future.”