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It is Local Newspaper Week and this year’s theme is ‘making a difference’, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the ways the Guardian strives to make a difference in our community.

As well as helping to promote all of the fantastic events that Chorley has to offer to its residents, the paper prides itself on helping to support good causes and back local businesses, groups and organisations.

We have recently been running a series of features about Chorley’s food bank, Living Waters Storehouse, and shining the spotlight on how it helps people in need.

As a result, the Storehouse has seen a rise in the number of people requiring food parcels, reaching a record-breaking 146 referrals last month.

It has also received more donations of food and money from individuals, businesses, community groups and churches.

Charitable work like this is down to hard-working members of the community, and as a local newspaper, we are able to bring that good work to the forefront of our readers’ minds.

The Guardian has been encouraging people to support the high street in our Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign.

We have been highlighting the range of attractions right here in Chorley, such as an Elvis Presley-inspired barber’s shop and the great businesses in the villages.

It is a good way for us to be able to support the local economy and the people we represent.

The Guardian has also provided extensive coverage of Chorley FC’s journey to becoming league champions, with match reports, exclusive interviews, promoting the 200 Club and a souvenir pull-out.

Every week we provide the news that matters to people across Chorley, both in the newspaper and online.

We hope readers appreciate the part the Guardian plays in keeping them informed about the goings-on of the borough, and we’d like to thank our loyal readers and contacts, without whom we would not be able to do our job.